Boris & Delilah

We had a very special visitor at our house yesterday…

We had a Bernese Mountain Dog called Jesse and we lost her very quickly in January 2017. We now have Delilah who is just 13 weeks old, after a long wait.

Jesse used to play with 3 other large dogs, Celyn (Old English Sheepdog) Heidi (Bernese) and Boris (Bernese) in our garden and only Boris is still alive today.

Boris comes from the same loving family in Sheffield where Delilah is from and he came to visit Delilah yesterday, just three weeks before his 11th birthday. His home has been the Isle of Man all his life with his devoted owners Joan & Chris.

I have to say there was a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat when the old man (no not Alan…!) walked down the drive. It was very special to see him, and his human Mum & Dad, and Delilah was very deferential to Boris.

I took a few images of the two together and here they are now. I hope you like them.

Boris is a very special boy.

Sue BlytheComment