I was contacted recently by a lovely family who wanted some urgent images of their beautiful dog Diesel. Unfortunately the family have had some very sad news and have been told that Diesel is very ill.

The family wanted some images to remember him by and also have them taken whilst he was still full of life.

Full of life he certainly was and he was an absolute star at posing for the photos.

He sat, laid down, posed, high five’d and gave wet kisses to his family.

It was a cold and wet day so we spent most of our session in the studio and used a variety of different backdrops. My personal favourite is my huge 6 x 4 feet light modifier which throws a light from behind the subject and enlivens the subjects eyes. Having never tried this effect with a dog before Diesel was a willing subject and the family took it in turns to have a picture with Diesel. I think the images of Diesel with his family just exude the love and warmth they have for each other.

It was my absolute pleasure to be able to photograph Diesel today and I hope that they will have lasting memories of the day and of their beautiful dog through the images taken. I don’t think I have met a family as dedicated and who all care so much about their 4 legged friend before.

Sue Blythe4 Comments